For about fifteen years now I've enjoyed presenting my Gardening Forever programs to many audiences including Scouts, Senior Citizen's groups, Garden Clubs, Civic Clubs, American Legion auxiliaries, Church groups, coffee shops, Masons, and Eastern Star organizations.

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Are you a real gardener?

Take this simple test and find out.

If you can identify every plant in your yard by its scientific name, but can't recall the name of your brother's firstborn child ... you might just be a gardener.
If you have ever felt a pang of pride when someone pointed out the fact that "those grass stains will never come out" ... you might just be a gardener.
If you have ever tried to transplant a shrub larger than a Volkswagen Beetle ... you might just be a gardener.
If you've ever bought a piece of garden equipment that cost more than your daughter's braces ... you might just be a gardener.
If you have ever approvingly compared the texture of your wife's/husband’s chocolate cake to well-rotted compost ... you might just be a gardener.
If your arms have more scratches than the cat wrangler at the free spay clinic ... you might just be a (rose) gardener.
If your car has a bumper sticker that reads "I'll give up my hoe when they pry it out of my cold, dead fingers" ... you might just be a gardener.
If you believe that the best part of your family vacation to Disney World was the tour of the hydroponic greenhouse ... you might just be a gardener.
If you have ever missed a wedding because you were in the garden and lost track of time ... you might just be a gardener. (Bonus points if it was your own wedding.)


Flowers for your cutting garden-

Learn how to grow flowers for cutting, drying, crafting, and gifts.  We'll learn about the best flowers to plant.  We'll talk about harvesting methods to ensure long lasting blooms, and different means of preserving flowers and greenery to use for projects.   This program will help you to get the most out of your flower gardens! 


Beginning Again in the Garden

Whether you're starting a brand new garden, rebuilding an old one, or changing your whole design; this is the place to start. I cover everything from soil, water and light, to design, plants, and the finishing layer of mulch. This program comes with an inspiring workbook to help audience members put their gardening ideas on paper.

Container Gardening For Seniors

Actually suitable for any age, I created this program years ago for a group of senior citizen friends who didn't want to give up their gardening!  Learn how to create container gardens for flowers, vegetables, and fruits. This program includes a minimum of three container gardens for your group to keep.



Medicinal and Poisonous Plants

There's a fine line between medicinal and poisonous. Do you know the difference?  This is an enlightening program presented in a fun way.



Risque May Day or the Truth About May Day

This is an honest and enlightening program which is usually presented to mature audiences only because much of it is in regard to s-e-x. 

I suppose I could also do a G-rated version for young people.


The Amazing Rose         

One of the most beautiful- and long lived- flowers on the Earth, the rose has history, and uses, many may not realize.  Everyone will come away with a new appreciation for this classic flower.  Includes a handout of recipes.

In a new twist on The Amazing Rose, I also offer a program titled Rugged Roses for those who are still afraid to grow these hearty beauties.


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