Summertime Tip!

Most folks enjoy decorating withCattails in the autumn but do you know the best time to harvest them for decorating?  It's June!  Yes, June!  Wear your boots or waders and carry a sharp knife or scissors. You almost have to know where they are from years before as they'll just look like tall grass.  Cut the entire stalk, peel the greenery back (like shucking corn) and you'll find your cat tail.  Hang them upside down in a warm, dark, dry place.  Use them on a wreath or swag, or in a DRY floral arrangement.

You can still harvest cat-tails later in the summer or in the autumn but harvesting them early stops them from going to seed and "exploding" all over your home! 


...and the livin' is easy!

We've had a lot of fun with this design!  The Garden Hose Wreath comes in many colors and themes and look great on a barn or potting shed. They also make a fun Craft class! The one shown here is approximately 14x16 inches,and sells for $21.99.   Other sizes are available.

Raspberries, Roses & Gingham

Here's a refreshing Summertime wreath! It has rich red roses and mouth-watering raspberries. 

 Buy it now or make it in a craft class.  (Also available with blackberries, blueberries and/or strawberries.)

Pick one

Can't get to the seashore as often as you would like?  Bring the shore to you!  These designs are available to purchase right now or to make in a Gardening Forever craft class.  Use your own shells or I will provide them. At 16-18" they're great for a bath or pool area! Just $17.99 or contact me for a custom size/color.

Let me know your colors or decor preferences!

This one is a natural!  Cool, green ferns in the heat of summer.  This wreath is perfect for the whole season. Available now as a craft class or I'll custom-design yours for you.  Let me know any preferences you may have.  (For instance, I will add flowers or a bird's nest.) Just $24.95 tax.